Product Purge

I keep reading and hearing the same advice: Start small. Don’t overdo it, because you will drive yourself crazy and give up.  When clearing out closets, drawers, and old bins of whoknowswhat- I’ve decided it’s better in waves.  That way I can get used to the idea – or completely forget about- the things I’ve banished to the garage to be donated and never seen again.  Things don’t come back from the garage!  Taking another cue from Healthy Child Healthy World, I’ve decided to go through all cleaning products and purge away.

I pulled everything out from under the kitchen sink, on shelves in the garage, and both bathrooms.  Then I’d toss it in a box if it a.) wasn’t used in the last month b.) was starting to separate or leak (note the rusted aerosol can below) or was c.) toxic. I ended up with this box of un-needed products:


There is some wood varnish from early ’11 in there, some shoe polish from ’06, etc.   One product I was unsure about putting in the box was a spray bottle of room re-freshener.  You know, the type that kills the smelly particles and leaves the room fresh, while being pet and baby-safe.  Those claims are labeled on the front of the bottle along with scented “clean.”  Then I read the back of the label- “contains % of ethanol.”  Huh.  I’ve been spraying odor-killing, clean-scented ethanol on my couches, curtains, and pet beds?!  Insanity.

I’ve now got two bio-friendly cleaning products under my kitchen sink and am surprised (delighted!) how well they clean up baby-kid-dog-cat-mom messes easily.  No scary residue to worry about: Scotch-Brite botanical wipes, and Honest multi-surface cleaner.

ImageTake a look at what/how you clean your home- especially if you have kids and/or pets.  What do you use the most?  Can you replace it with a more green friendly product?  What can you do without?  Start small.


Honest Good Stuff

Jessica Alba saw a need and fulfilled her goal of creating a company that provides chemical and toxic-free home and baby products at an affordable rate. Maybe you’ve heard of The Honest Company? The products are mailed to your home each month after subscribing, and you’re billed automatically each time.


I’ve spied Jessica on Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, and she’s visited many other tv shows promoting The Honest Company.  The products sound wonderful and look pretty – but even after reading other blogs’ reviews (themommareport, Blogher, Babycenter,  of their freebie trial packs, I had to check it out on my own.

My trial kit for the home products (balm, lotion, detergent, hand soap, shampoo), and the diaper pack (diapers & wipes) arrived just last night!  The mini-products came with a brochure from Alba and her business partner Chris Gavigan (Jessica Capshaw‘s husband) – *apologizing here for my blurry camera phone*


The husband is worried that these earthy diapers won’t absorb well and we’ll be left to clean up twice the mess as we already do.  Here’s hoping they work out great- I have 7 days to test everything out and decide if I want to stay subscribed to both shipments, before they’re automatically sent out.  My favorite part of all the label reading are the wipes.


Bonus points: Not tested on animals (they are working on being included in PETA’s safe list), Made in America, all-natural ingredients, durable cloth-like texture, and they’re flushable!  Win and win for everybody.