Kosher Kugels

If you asked the 6 y/o Sillboy what a kugel was, he’d think for a minute and say it was “a fancy hashbrown.”  So, if you look at it from his point of view, he’s kinda right.  We love potatoes at our house- sweet, yukon, red, russet, the list goes on.  While searching for vegan potato recipes (i.e. no cheese or even pretend cheez, sour cream, etc.), what do you know?, a recipe from Mayim Bialik‘s blog on Kveller came up!

The recipe is kid-friendly, vegan, kosher, and just tasty for a “fancy hashbrown.”  It wasn’t too time consuming to prep and taste the best snack right out of the oven.  I remember having warm latkes from corner cart vendors on a visit to NYC, and this reminds me of that.  But it’s the baked version (kugel) versus the fried one (latke).  Disclaimer here: I’m not Jewish but enjoy Kosher (non-meaty, of course) foods.

Start with a few ingredients and tools:


Then once you’re done with the grating and mixing, stuff the oiled muffin tin!  This step is very kid-helper friendly even though it can get a tad messy.

ImageBake as directed, and when they’re done- they are a warm, crispy goodness that makes a great side for dinner or just for a snack.  They pop out easily with a spoon and keep their shape pretty well.  Plus, the leftovers are great reheated for breakfast and/or running out the door.  This is definitely going on my list of potato recipe favorites.