Upcycled Banner for Kid’s Room

Sillyboy is getting smarter, older, bigger, (wiser?), and just growing up so fast.  He’s long made the jump from toddler bed to his personal twin size bed as well.   His taste in toys has jumped from Thomas the Tank Engine to Cars, and then to Star Wars and recently Lego Ninjagos.  So this all effects his decorative walls in his bedroom often.

We had a pile of picture book sleeves lying around- you know, the glossy full cover paper flaps that supposedly “protect” the book while advertising its pictures on the front.  I thought I could keep them for something or other (mod podge craft time!) since they were a futile attempt to keep the books beautiful forever, and besides, where’s the fun in that?

Using a few of these book sleeves, an empty wrapping paper tube, a yard of random yarn/ribbon, and a bunch of masking and packing tape, we created a banner to hang in his room.  Here’s the backside:

It isn’t very pretty from that view, but it is a project that is kid-friendly.  He selected the book sleeves, helped tape them together, and decided the layout.  It is something he can proudly point at, talk about, and display in his room because we’ve read these stories many times.  And now he’s reading them all by himself!  I don’t know how much longer he’ll enjoy our cheap/easy art adorning his walls, especially since his new found love of Harry Potter is only growing, but it’s a nice way to keeps his favorites in mind.


Every time I look at it, I want to read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree all over again!  (sorry for the crooked picture!- still using my phone as the no. 1 resource currently).  What do you do with your bookcover sleeves?  Anything creative?


Egg-citing After Easter

The Easter Bunny came and went and left a trail of candy and some very cool toys at our house.  But we were late to the egg-coloring party.  Maybe because we over did it last year with so much egg-crafty fun, and then subsequently we got sick of eating hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, and egg salad sandwiches.  So we avoided the vinegar and dye tradition and went with wax crayons.   This method is actually way less time consuming since you decorate the eggs before cooling them via sticking them in the fridge.  All you need is some non-fancy non-toxic wax crayons (go with Rose-Art over Crayola), dozen white eggs covered in water brought to a boil, and a pencil/crayon sharpener.

First, sharpen all the crayon colors you’d like to use:


Grab an egg (I follow Martha Stewart’s lead by covering eggs in a pot of water by 1 inch, bringing to a boil, covering and removing from heat for 12 minutes but then we do a cold flash rinse, dry them off) and decorate!


The eggs, even though dried off, will still be pretty hot to the touch and stay that way even at room temperature for about 30 minutes, give or take.  The shaved crayon bits slowly melt and create a good Pollock-like masterpiece.  You can do all the crayon shaving while waiting for the eggs to boil and sit.  When you’re all done decorating, pop them in the fridge and think of some creative way to eat them over the next week.