About Me

LunchingMom is about food, so we’re gonna eat!  My name is Karen, and I’m a working mom with a hard working husband and two kids.  Weekday lunches are the only mealtimes not really spent with my family and are usually my “power hour.”  There are no big corporate ladders with 60 hr. work weeks where I stop everything and decide to be a stay at home mom.  But my free time is always used to improve things for my family- be it making organic food grocery lists, finding some different meal ideas, or switching our unhealthy habits with green ones and green non-toxic products.

It’s all in the little baby steps that we can accomplish these changes, and LunchingMom is where I put all those experiments, ideas, habits, and new things into place- I’d like to share it all with you.

My 6 year old son is Sillyboy, and my 6 month old daughter is Bambina, and they are along for this journey with my husband the true carnivore and hard-habit breaker.  So it should be fun and disastrous and we’ll all learn.

I’m going to try hard to make vegan and green options (figuratively and literally) a mainstay at our house.  We’re trying this out not just in foods, but cleaning, organizing habits, and maybe some nerdy crafts in there.  Here goes!


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