Dirt Don’t Hurt


Isn’t that how the saying goes? God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.  Luckily, living in the midwest provides for lots of dirt, rocks, clay, mulch, and other natural fun landscaping for Sillyboy.  But when you add in two 70 lb. dogs who love to dig (a LOT), wrestle, and wreak havoc in your backyard, it’s tough for good clean kid fun in the dirt.  So we went with the good ol’ sensory bin, after graduating up from smaller containers on the kitchen floor in his preschool age (good busy task when I’m making dinner or washing dishes), and went with a plastic under-the-bed container.


One bag of potting soil was added in and spread out to dry for a day.  The soil comes pretty moist out of the bag, but since we store our bin in the garage, I didn’t want various critters making a home in it.  We added some diggers, shovels, and beach toys and it keeps him entertained for hours. Every time.  We drag the bin out into the yard (hey, no clean up!) and let him play to his heart’s content.  Plus, if he’s had a good day, I let him pour a pitcher of water in the bin to muddy it up and create even better dirt play.

He’s realized if the dirt ends up outside the box, it’s less he’ll have the next time he plays.  And he looks forward to getting hosed down himself if needed.  So besides the no throwing rule, it’s all fair game.  When we’re done, we leave it out to dry in the shade.  On a warm Missouri day, it only takes an hour or two, and back into the garage it goes.  What’s your favorite sensory bin?  And have you had to create bigger, messier ones as your kids grow?



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